Lightstream Data Security Assessment


Lightstream will Identify data security risks in your organizational data. Identify data security risks in your organizational data

Elevate Your Data Governance with Microsoft Purview, Guided by NIST Framework and Lightstream Expertise Transform your approach to information protection and data governance with our specialized assessment service, designed to harness the power of Microsoft Purview in alignment with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, complemented by Lightstream's proven best practices. Our tailored service lays the groundwork for a comprehensive strategy that not only aligns with your unique business needs but also ensures adherence to local, regional, and international compliance standards, including up to three specific data regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA, according to your organization's requirements. Service Highlights: • Microsoft Purview-Driven Data Risk Discovery: Leverage the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Purview for an automated, in-depth analysis of potential risks across your digital estate. From Exchange Online and SharePoint Online to on-premises and third-party cloud storage, our service covers all critical areas including mailboxes, Teams conversations, SharePoint sites, and OneDrive for Business, ensuring a thorough risk assessment. • Customized Data Lifecycle Management Workshop: Participate in an interactive workshop aimed at defining your specific business requirements and envisioning the desired future state of your data governance framework. Tailor your strategy with custom solutions for data loss prevention, encryption, sensitivity labeling, retention policies, eDiscovery, and insider risk management, all while integrating HR processes for a seamless employee lifecycle management. This workshop will also focus on ensuring compliance with key data regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA, tailored to your organization's needs. • Strategic Deployment and Configuration: Efficiently deploy Microsoft Purview's Unified Labeling and meticulously configure, test, and refine DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and information protection policies tailored to your organization. Benefit from additional security hardening services, including Information Rights Management for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, ensuring a fortified data governance framework. • Insider Risk and Compliance Solutions: Address insider threats with a robust set of tools and policies, including communication compliance, insider risk management, information barriers, and privileged access management, all within the Microsoft Purview ecosystem. Our approach includes aligning with specific regulatory requirements to manage and mitigate insider risks effectively. • Proactive Discovery and Response Capabilities: Enhance your organization's ability to conduct audits, investigate data activities, manage data subject requests, and execute eDiscovery processes efficiently, leveraging the advanced features of Microsoft Purview. Our service ensures that these capabilities are in full compliance with the chosen data protection regulations, providing a comprehensive governance solution. Our assessment service goes beyond gap analysis to provide you with a strategic, actionable plan to secure and govern your data effectively. By integrating Microsoft Purview's comprehensive tools with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Lightstream's expertise, and a keen focus on compliance with up to three key data regulations, your organization will not only safeguard against current threats but also be well-prepared for future data governance challenges. Partner with us to redefine your information protection and data governance strategy, ensuring your data remains secure, compliant, and optimally managed in today's digital landscape.

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