Supplier Relationship Management Analytics POC - Pilot


Supplier Relationship Management Analytics POC - Pilot

Leverage Lingaro’s Procurement, Data Integration and Power BI expertise to provide you of a holistic analytics solution with supplier risk insights in the context of your own business.

The Objective: -Support across procurement process risk avoidance -Collaborative supplier threat mitigation -Multi-factor and dynamic risk assessment -Supplier watch functionality (e.g. 50 select strategic suppliers)

The plan: -Activation of Power BI baseline dashboards Most Viable Product to proof the value of the solution within a controlled scope


  • Brand and Product revenue at risk dashboard
  • Risk profile and thresholds monitoring and alerts
  • Overall spend category risk dynamic insights dashboard

Benefits of the service

  • Revenue impact avoidance through identification of supply disruption
  • Weighted risk factors contextual to categories
  • Segmentation of risk per supplier profile per sourcing strategy

At a glance