Asset Compliance Health Check: 60-Day Assessment

Long View Systems

Mitigate risks and optimize your assets with our industry-leading tools that analyze your licensing environment.

Are you worried about hidden compliance risks lurking in your infrastructure?

Mitigate hidden compliance risks with Long View’s Sync Up Health Check, your bridge from uncertainty to assured compliance and security. Our targeted approach uncovers compliance risks, delivering a strategic plan to manage your Microsoft 365 licensing and IT assets confidently.

Navigate Compliance with Expert Precision

Partner with Long View to gain a deep understanding of your Microsoft 365 licensing, software and hardware assets, complemented by strategic advice to secure compliance. In just 60 days, we will guide you through four (4) pivotal milestones to complete the engagement:

  • DETAILED EVALUATION: Review your Microsoft and Adobe product compliance, including Microsoft 365, across servers and desktops with a kickoff session that outlines the assessment's scope, including infrastructure setup and provisioning of service accounts.
  • COMPLETE ASSET INVENTORY: Identify all software and hardware assets to eliminate blind spots in your IT environment, leveraging a partnership approach to tailor tool deployment to your specific needs.
  • INTEGRATED TOOL DEPLOYMENT: Integrate tools like Lansweeper and MAP Toolkit to gather critical data, with continuous collaboration to ensure the process aligns with your objectives.
  • COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING: Obtain an Effective License Position (ELP) that aligns your software deployments with purchased entitlements, culminating in a final review session to discuss findings, validate recommendations, and plan next steps.

Innovate to Empower Instrumental Outcomes

Long View's Sync Up Health Check goes beyond rectifying compliance vulnerabilities to:

  • Drive Efficiency: Reduce time and resources spent on managing compliance and free up your team to focus on core business objectives.
  • Earn Cost Savings: Optimize your license management to avoid over-provisioning and under-utilization through a precise ELP.
  • Inform Strategic IT Planning: Equip your leadership with the insights needed to make informed decisions about future technology investments.
  • Strengthen IT Agility: Make your IT infrastructure more agile and responsive by identifying inefficiencies and compliance risks.

Optimize to Innovate with Long View

With Long View's Sync Up Health Check, optimize your approach to compliance from a reactive task to a strategic advantage. Let us help you safeguard against compliance risks while driving efficiency, reducing costs, and laying a solid foundation for Microsoft technology planning that moves your business forward.

Note: Engagement duration and pricing are conditional upon the complexity of your IT environment.

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