Unified Commerce Readiness Intro: 1-Hr Assessment

LS Retail

One hour introduction to our Unified Commerce Readiness Assessment.

In one hour, we can explain how our four-day engagement is right to move you beyond the limitations of the Omni-Channel Commerce Model.

We will explain how we setup our four-day engagement and how our services can help you to successfully implement our Unified Commerce Cloud solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We aim to understand how your organization is currently using systems and identify the challenges that your business is facing.

Our assessment is free and is based on our experience of helping over 4,500 customers around the globe to use our solutions and skills over the last 30 years in the retail and hospitality industry.


  • Identify key concepts for the digital transformation to a Unified Commerce Retailer or Hospitality Company
  • Identify key gaps in your current Retail Management Systems
  • Discuss what challenges or limitations you are experiencing that have prompted your interest in a change


  • A strategic assessment document to outline our four-day full engagement help to get you going on your digital transformation

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