Exit Tracker PowerApps 1-Week Implementation

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Automate and streamline your employee exit process

Streamline processes like exit formalities of an employee using PowerApps. Create a PowerApps application with customizable checklists for collaboration between departments. These checklists ensure that departments follow the necessary steps before approving their part of the process. This application ensures the process flows smoothly while strictly enforcing its exit formalities checklist.

Common Scenarios:

Unable to identify bottlenecks as multiple departments are involved in exit process Solution: Check the status of a task in real time using app’s live view. Get notified on email and Microsoft Teams when different task stages are completed.

New team members are not aware of the process Solution: Forms with embedded customizable checklists that can be submitted only after completing all the required details.

Signing documents using DocuSign or another third-party software system Solution: Easy integration with O365 means users can generate a PDF that does not require any signatures

Target Audience:

Organizations with complex interdepartmental processes. This application tracks and ensures that all action items involved in a process are completed by the stakeholders


  1. PowerApps application to create a checklist and track the action items under it
  2. MS Flow to send reminder emails

Key Features:

  1. A PowerApps application where teams can maintain a checklist needed to perform for a process
  2. Reminder emails using MS Flow on completing a step in the checklist.
  3. Automatic emails to the receiver/client with all the completed action items
  4. A live dashboard inside the app showing the current status of any work-item


  1. Integration with other chat applications present under MS Flow connectors
  2. Use Microsoft lists as a data source for the application.
  3. Visualize the data by connecting Power BI report to the backend
  4. Signed PDFs can be sent for approval if required by your in-house processes
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