Power BI Adoption: 1-Day Assessment

MAQ Software

*A one-day engagement to review the current state of reporting needs of your organization and formulate a long-term strategy roadmap to shift towards Microsoft Power BI.*

Join us for a one-day engagement where we will review the current state of your organization’s reporting ecosystem and create a long-term strategy roadmap to migrate the reporting framework to use Microsoft Power BI. ### Agenda * Evaluation of the high-level architecture of the data ecosystem * Evaluate your existing reporting ecosystem * Identification of advantages of moving the reporting ecosystem to Power BI * Identification of quick-win and formulation of the long-term strategy road map ### Deliverables At the end of this workshop, you will have the following deliverables: * Plan of action to move your current reporting framework to use Power BI * A roadmap providing actionable items to shift towards Power BI * Provide cost estimate for migrating the reporting framework to Power BI **Note** * This assessment will require us to collaborate with business analysts, business leaders, BI report creators, and database administrators within your organization. * The collaboration with the stakeholders will be completed prior to the actual assessment. * This assessment will be conducted via Microsoft Teams or conference call, unless an in-person meeting is feasible.
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