Prodware Employee Experience 2 day Workshop

Prodware Group

A practical, interactive workshop to help you understand, improve and manage your Employee Experience

2-day Employee Experience (EX) workshop

Creating a connected Employee Experience is imperative to attracting and retaining a high-performing, innovative, and diverse workforce. Successful HR leaders recognize this investment in people requires a modern approach to talent management practices, a focus on cultural transformation and individualized employee journey design. Innovative approaches and technologies such as employee journey mapping, HR applications (such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources), workplace trend analysis with business intelligence (such as Microsoft Power BI), EX platforms, workplace platforms (such as Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365) all support employee experience management and drive development, collaboration and productivity.

A practical first step in creating a connected Employee Experience is the Employee Experience Journey Mapping Workshop. We help you pinpoint challenges and opportunities in the relationship cycle between employee and company plus who your employee personas are, identify persona gaps and develop your company brand values. From the workshop you will have an action plan in order to move forward, to retain and attract the right talent. . 2 consultants will provide additional 3 days in preparation and documentation, with a total of 5 days' consulting engagement (10 man-days).. The workshop can be conducted onsite or virtually using Microsoft Teams.

Workshop Agenda

Day One

  • Company Brand Values Do’s & Don’ts
  • Employee Persona empathy map
  • Journey Stages Hire to Retire
  • Interactions & touchpoints
  • Positives & Pain Points

Day Two

  • Preferred communication channels, moments of truth, employee sentiment map
  • Organizational communication lines
  • Backstage swim lanes: systems, departments, policy
  • Opportunities for EX improvement
  • Action list
  • Deliverables

    From the workshop – a journey summary report and a list of action items that can be transformed into an implementation plan.

    Next steps

    In the execution phase, with the action plan, we undertake project prioritization, cost-benefit analysis and move forward into an EX implementation plan supported by innovative technologies and best practice processes.
    Price is estimated - each consulting engagement is needs-based.

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