Power BI FastStart: 6-Wk Workshop

Marquam Group

Marquam has developed the Power BI FastStart program to support organizations that want to leverage their investments in data.

Demonstrate your business intelligence with Power BI.

This program is based upon the successful deployment of Microsoft’s Power BI. This tool can assist in the efforts to create a data driven culture by providing a powerful data exploratory capability at a low cost of entry. However, the tool does not replace the need to have an Enterprise BI and BI self-service roadmap.

The Power BI FastStart program builds the foundation of an Enterprise BI strategy and at the same time delivers immediate value to the end user community.



  • This outlines tasks and milestones to successfully roll out Power BI.
  • It includes topics such as data platform architecture, data source management, user adoption, and report development.


  • Multiple delivery approaches
  • Enterprise led BI and Dashboards, Power user data exploration and IT managed self-service BI.
  • Marquam will develop a set of best practices for deploying Power BI to meet delivery approach objectives and roadmap logistics.

Report + Dashboard

  • Dashboards are best when they are widely distributed.
  • Power BI makes sharing a dashboard with colleagues quick, easy, and cost effective.


  • Power BI Roadmap Diagram – outlines steps necessary to successfully deploy Power BI in the organization, including technical tasks, training, and report development
  • Power BI Governance Document – admin settings, workspace management, and user management
  • Power BI Technical Architecture Diagram – data connections, gateways, data marts, and semantic models
  • Power BI Production Pilot – Power BI model, reports, dashboard built off a selected data source deployed to the Power BI Service

At a glance