Modernize Endpoints - 2 Days Workshop

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Microsoft Intune workshop with Mayasoft will help you manage and secure all your mobile devices from one platform.

**Microsoft Intune Workshop Deployment


A Microsoft Intune workshop deployment is an interactive session designed to help organizations effectively implement Microsoft Intune for managing and securing their devices and applications. This workshop guides participants through the process of setting up and configuring Intune while addressing specific organizational needs and requirements.

The purpose of Microsoft Intune Workshop

The "Microsoft Intune Deployment: 2-Days Workshop" is designed to help IT departments already using the Microsoft Azure ecosystem become more acquainted with Microsoft Intune's features and functionalities. Topics like deployment options, configuration, mobile device management, security, troubleshooting, and more will be covered in the session. This workshop's objective is to provide attendees with a thorough grasp of how to implement and administer Microsoft Intune in their company using Microsoft Azure.

Workshop Agenda:

DAY 1:

Introduction to Microsoft Intune

Overview of Intune features and capabilities.

Understanding the benefits of using Intune for device and application management.

Identifying specific use cases and objectives for the deployment.

Assessing the current IT environment and infrastructure.

Defining security and compliance policies and requirements.

Identifying target devices (Windows, iOS, Android) and apps.

Intune Setup and Configuration

Creating and configuring an Intune tenant.

Setting up users and groups.

Enrolling devices (automatic and manual enrollment).

DAY 2:

Device Management

Managing device profiles and configurations.

Implementing security policies (passcodes, encryption, app protection).

Exploring device compliance and conditional access.

Identity and Access Management

Integrating Azure Active Directory for identity management.

Implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Applying conditional access policies.

Security and Compliance

Configuring security baselines.

Monitoring device and application compliance.

Responding to security threats and incidents.

Identifying common issues and solutions.

Implementing best practices for Intune deployment.

Q&A and open discussion.

Benefits of a Workshop Deployment

Hands-On Learning: Participants gain practical experience with Intune.

Tailored Solutions: The workshop addresses specific organizational needs.

Expert Guidance: Facilitated by Intune experts.

Deployment Roadmap: Clear plan for moving forward.

A Microsoft Intune workshop deployment is a proactive step towards harnessing the full potential of this powerful device and application management platform, enhancing security, and improving overall IT efficiency.

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