Get your Viva Readiness Assessment Scores in 2 Weeks!

Maureen Data Systems

Get your Viva Readiness Assessment Scores to achieve and A+ in 2 Weeks with MDS Envisioning / Readiness sessions.

MDS will assist in evaluating and designing your customized Microsoft Viva Employee Experience Platform Solution. With an experienced Viva solutions practice and delivery success stories, MDS can help transform your employee experience to bring people, data, and applications together, leveraging the power of the Viva platform. Through Envisioning/Readiness sessions, our team will capture your priorities, business challenges, and culture to design a solution that meets your needs to achieve an A+ Viva Readiness Grade. • MDS will conduct 2 days of Envisioning/Readiness sessions during this engagement and provide a free Viva Connections Dashboard. • MDS will deliver your Viva Readiness Assessment Score and Recommendations Report in 2 weeks.

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