Modern Phone System 365: 5 days implementation


Solution based on Microsoft Teams, guarantees the adoption of a new work environment with all the features for advanced business collaboration integrated with the telephone switchboard in the Cloud

The modernization of conventional phone system basically lead to the modern scenario because telephone numbers follow users across locations and devices. Current telephony modes of use as well as technical options could determine different scenarios and implementation costs. Therefore, a preliminary analysis of required steps is necessary. Calls to Microsoft Teams users are free of charge, but should users need to be able to connect to public telephony and do not already have a provider (or want to change it), then they can purchase a Microsoft Calling Plan. This plan allows users to make and receive calls to public telephony directly through Teams, and the costs for the calls are charged to Microsoft. If, on the other hand, users wish to maintain a third-party telephone operator, the integration between this operator and Microsoft Teams (defined as Direct Route) must be defined. An initial assessment is therefore necessary to determine the next steps, evaluating all possible implementation variables. At this time, aspects such as the integration or elimination of the switchboard and the definition of the telephony provider, i.e. whether it becomes Microsoft or remains a third party, are defined. In addition, the following telephony elements are evaluated and defined:

  • Operator desk: switchboard operator handling calls, queues and transfers.
  • Meeting Rooms: meeting rooms with appropriate hardware systems, if any.
  • Audio Conferencing: intervention in meetings via telephone number.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): automated responders.
  • Answer Groups: single telephone number answered by several people.
  • User devices: use of PC only or designated telephones.
  • Fax: if still needed, can be integrated.

All decisions and evaluations resulting from the analysis will be summarised in a project document.

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