Endpoint Management with Security Workshop

Migrate LLC

Let us show you how to leverage intelligent security, risk-based controls, zero-touch provisioning, advanced analytics, and deep integration to the Microsoft products you already use

Workshop services for Microsoft 365. We will lead you through a series of technical briefing sessions allowing you to experience the power of modern device management within your own environment. The workshop will be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

The 4 Day delivery includes:

Day 1: Pre-Engagement

  • Pre-engagement call
  • Prepare and send EMW questionnaire

Day 2: Assess

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager Overview
  • Enroll presentation
  • Enable Device Enrollment
  • Configure presentation
  • Enable Device Configuration

Day 3: Assess/Art of the Possible

  • Enable Apps Deployment
  • Protect presentation
  • Enable Protection
  • Support and Retire presentation
  • Demonstrate Support and Retire scenarios
  • Art of the Possible (part 1)

Day 4: Art of the Possible/Build the Plan

  • Art of the Possible (part 2)
  • Results and Next Steps
  • Engagement Decommissioning (optional)

Delivery Outcomes

Learn how to build management policies that protect your users, company data, and devices Gain insights about your users’ endpoints and their compliance with your IT policies Determine the best way to give your users access to the apps they need on the devices of their choosing

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