Intune Managed Service

Mobile Mentor

Your endpoint ecosystem is constantly evolving and needs proactive management, so we designed the Intune Managed Service to help customers unlock the full potential of Intune.

We designed the Intune Managed Service (IMS) to deliver better security, a modern experience, and lower costs for clients who simply do not have the IT bandwidth to manage it internally. The IMS is a co-managed service where we manage your Intune platform and maintain the endpoint ecosystem, and our client’s IT team owns everything else (such as end user support, network management, telecommunications, etc.).

Customer Prerequisites

  1. Microsoft 365 E3/A3, or EMS E3/A3, or Business Premium licenses and test accounts
  2. Intune Admin, or Global Admin, access to the Microsoft tenant
  3. Account(s) in customer’s environment to mimic a “standard user”
  4. Access to client’s Systems Admin(s) / Windows & mobility engineer(s)
  5. Assignment of a service owner for monthly reviews

Customers want to embrace modern endpoint management and better security practices using Microsoft 365, all while reducing overhead and IT spend. Mobile Mentor helps customers achieve these outcomes by managing their entire endpoint ecosystem with Microsoft Intune. Please reach out if you're interested in a free consultation regarding the Intune Managed Service.

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