Viva 1-day workshop

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Get an introduction to Microsoft Viva, understand the opportunities and value

Objective: The customer gets an introduction to Microsoft Viva, understands the opportunities and the value it can offer to their employees and organization

Microsoft Viva is an employee platform. Communication, knowledge, learning, resources and insight bundled together to support remote work. It comes with Microsoft 365 and is mainly used in Microsoft Teams. Viva promotes culture for internal knowledge-team so they can work together to perform their best, anywhere.

Introduction to Microsoft Viva

Viva Connections

  • Todays information for all employees
  • Internal communication
  • Information published on intranet
  • Intranet – todays structure
  • SharePoint as an intranet
  • Values form building it into Teams

Viva Insight

  • What insight is important for employees
  • Employees’ insight into their own everyday work
  • Management insight

Viva Learn

  • Training for employees
  • Onboarding of new employees
  • How to drive continuous learning management
  • Training material from Microsoft
  • Learning Management System

Viva Knowledge

  • How can employees share expertise in a simple way
  • Wiki-pages: Knowledge sharing
  • Engage employees to drive knowledge sharing

The purpose of the workshop is to give customers knowledge about Microsoft Viva, and to be able to start using the tool. The customer will have enough insight to be able to manage, adapt and ensure a good plan for further introduction of Microsoft Viva.

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