Rapidly build apps in-a-day - 8hr Workshop

MY Synergy

Lear how to build your app in customer focused 8 hr workshop, dedicated to Power Apps creation for begginers

Create, share, use and modify applications using your own data and internal company structure. No special skills needed, just enthusiasm. In our specially designed for beginners 1 day workshop we will guide you through the Microsoft Platform for creation of Apps. At the end of the day you will know how to create your own app so that you can manage information, users or actions with already available tools in your Office 365 personal or company Account. Creating apps has been never easier - start now! Workshop Agenda: Theory: What is Power Apps and how to start using it Power Apps predefined templates (available on demand in every Office 365 Account) Canvas Apps – models, limitations, data sources Model Driven Apps – usage, data sources Data Verse – the ultimate Database as a software dev. Service.

PowerApp Make Power Automate basic

Practicum: Creation of your own app

  1. Canvas app 1.1 Using internal data, Office 365 users, modifying interfaces, connections, customization 1.2 Creating app using three different sources of data (MS Excel Online, DataVerse and company ERP – MS Business Central) 1.3 Creating designed by customer app
  2. Model Driven App 2.1 Model Driven App in a glance + Data Verse deep dive 2.2 Creating of initial Tables, Rows and other components 2.3 Creating initial Model Driven App using Site Creator 2.4 Views, Forms, Business rules 2.5 Dashboards, Tools

3.Power Automate Basics – how to create, maintain and troubleshoot a flow


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