Power BI: 3-Week Data Solution Assessment

Navicon UK

We offer a 3-week data solution assessment to understand the business challenges, provide recommendations on data platform development and estimate the cost and timeline of a Power BI / data platform.

During the assessment process, we will perform an analysis of your data management processes, requirements and capabilities in all the necessary areas, preparing the necessary documentation. As a result you get a GAP-FIT document that contains all your requirements and shows how these requirements will be implemented. A high-level architecture of the proposed solution will be provided along with a roadmap for its implementation.

Before ordering this assessment, we recommend you to order our «Power BI: 1-Day Workshop» to make sure that Power BI is the best system for your business.

Assessment will preferably be be conducted both in online format. Due to possible travel restrictions we do not recommend planning face-to-face communication, but if it is possible it can be organized. Travel expenses are covered by the customer in addition to the assessment costs.

  • Part 1 (2 weeks) – analysis and documentation of your data requirements;
  • Part 2 (1 week) – creation of Gap-Fit documents and roadmap;
  • Part 3 (1 day) – presentation of the assessment results and recommendations;

The agenda and price are specified for an average assessment and can be updated according to the customer needs.

  • Gap-Fit Analysis document (in English).
  • The Estimate and Roadmap for implementation of the proposed Data platform solution.

Why Navicon?

  • Navicon – Microsoft Gold Partner, Partner of the Year Winner in Russia;
  • Navicon – 30+ Power BI certified specialists with real experience in implementation of complex data projects;
  • Navicon – 350+ specialists in more than 8 departments, always ready to help you;
  • Navicon – 500+ completed projects, including Core-solutions rollouts and international projects.

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