Mitigate Compliance & Privacy Risks: 1-Day Workshop

Netrix Global

Understand the risks and vulnerabilities related to organizational insiders and address their most pressing regulatory goals and challenges.

This hands-on experience is for IT & security leaders who need to ensure compliance. Our User Risk Check underscores the risk of stale and sensitive data in your Microsoft 365 tenant. Leveraging automated Microsoft 365 tools and services, User Risk Check monitors behavior and communication to discover inadvertent or malicious behavior that can impose risk to your organization. In this workshop, you'll peer into what having an integrated approach to intelligently investigate and take action on insider and privacy risks looks like.

Workshop highlights:

  • Compliance score
  • Data loss prevention
  • Microsoft information protection
  • Trainable classifiers
  • Information governance
  • Records management
  • Insider risk management
  • Endpoint DLP
  • Communication compliance
  • Advanced eDiscovery

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