Microsoft Custom AI Copilots: 2Hr Free Briefing


AI Strategy Briefing for extending Copilot for Microsoft 365 and building Custom Copilots

Netwoven offers an AI Strategy Briefing, with a technologist focus, for organizations looking to expand their AI strategy beyond the basics of 1st party AI Copilots and into the realm of extensible and customized Copilots that enable a modern workforce.

This strategy briefing introduces the key concepts and context around extending Copilot for Microsoft 365, building custom Copilots with Copilot Studio and Azure AI and many of the key elements of the framework required for successfully delivering such solutions.

The Free strategy briefing includes

AI at work use cases - Review examples of key work scenarios that organizations are building AI solutions for

Microsoft Copilots - Which Copilot? - Explore differences and integrations between Microsoft 1st party and customizable Copilot platforms

AI maturity and AI roadmap - Understand key phases in developing and deploying your AI strategy

Custom AI Copilot solution architecture - Review high-level design of custom Copilot solutions, including Copilot Studio and Azure AI Copilots

Content sources – Microsoft 365 and beyond! - Learn how to integrate additional data sources into your 1st party and custom Copilots to provide more meaningful AI-enhanced experiences

UI / UX options - Unifying the panes of glass - Concerned about having TOO MANY Copilots? Learn about strategies to manage custom Copilots sprawl

AI Technology Adoption - Learn about the essential elements of people, processes & technology that provide a comprehensive technology adoption & governance plan for your AI strategy

Demonstrations of AI at work in action - Netwoven has built a variety of custom Copilot solutions and we find that sharing those solutions is great food for thought in your ideation and ranking process.

Open forum for discussion & next steps

Additional sub-topics related to technology adoption:

• Responsible AI

• Roles & responsibilities

• Learning, adoption & measurement

• Change management

• Cost management

• Centralized vs. distributed Azure resources

• Packaging and deployment

• AI models

• AI search

• Chunking, indexing & embedding

• Permission trimming

• Chaining

• Chat History

• Collecting & managing feedback

• Securing AI solutions

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