Microsoft 365 Managed Security Services: 2-Hour Free Briefing


Netwoven Managed Security Services provides administration, monitoring and governance activities for your Microsoft 365 subscription

Unlock Exceptional Microsoft 365 Managed Security Services with Netwoven - where our seasoned team guarantees flawless integration, premium support, and peak performance tailored for your business. Gain the strategic advantage necessary for success in the contemporary digital environment

Netwoven extends security across user identities, devices, and applications. For a monthly fee scaled to match the size of your organization, you gain access to the engineering and technical experts that networking can provide. Take full advantage of your Microsoft 365 subscription by partnering with Netwoven to gain visibility into application usage, device security, and information security vulnerabilities.

Why Choose Us

Lack of expertise and/or staff to implement even basic cybersecurity measures​

Potential exposure of confidential information as users adopt consumer-grade cloud tools​

Lack of IT staff to do more than maintain services​

No time to proactively manage cloud service adoption​

Lack of expertise in using AI for automation of monitoring and incident response

Who should use it?

Netwoven Microsoft 365 Managed Security Services is aimed at small and midsized businesses that need help implementing basic or intermediate-level cybersecurity controls.

Briefing Agenda

How to improve your security posture immediately by applying a few cybersecurity controls

Discover what tools are being used in line with company policies*

Take control over your cloud services spend

The price of the offering is set FREE as a placeholder in AppSource. An accurate price estimation will depend on the scope of the offer. Contact Netwoven for an accurate estimated price.

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