Maildesk Customer Support Email Management: 2 Hour Free Briefing


Do more with less using MailDesk email management and maximize your investment in Microsoft 365

Email has been and will continue to be one of the most prevalent & effective business communication channels. There will be an estimated 4.5 billion global email users by 2025. However, in the context of Support desks, communication management through email can be tedious, time-consuming, and effort-intensive, which results in delayed response times and creates friction with customers. Sorting through countless inquiries, categorizing issues, assigning emails to the right agents, and crafting timely responses can create an inefficient bottleneck. This often leads to:

Frustrated customers waiting for resolutions and the potential for reputational damage

Support teams drowning in a sea of emails, hindering productivity, and hindering quality of service

Inconsistent email handling and missed opportunities for personalized communication

Netwoven MailDesk is a complete, robust, and flexible customer support email management platform designed to transform your support desk. Maildesk is designed to leverage your existing investment by using Microsoft 365 resources like SharePoint or Azure storage. For a moderate scale of operations, no additional cost is incurred.


Highly Scalable: Seamlessly handle thousands of emails daily, ideal for organizations heavily reliant on email support.

Metadata Enrichment: Automatically classify emails for efficient routing and faster resolutions.

Intelligent Rules Engine:  Automate actions based on predefined business rules, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Intuitive Agent Workbench:  Gain a consolidated view of all emails from various mailboxes in one centralized interface.

AI-Powered Email Copilot:  Generate swift and accurate response content with the help of AI suggestions.

Auto Assignment of Emails:  Route emails to the most qualified agents, including subject matter experts.

Powerful Mail Merge Capability:  Send personalized bulk responses at scale, maintaining a human touch.

Collision Detection and Locking:  Prevent double effort and ensure seamless collaboration among agents.

In this 2-hour free briefing, we will demonstrate how to:

Reduce your average response time and exceed customer expectations

Free up your team to focus on complex issues and personalized interactions

Eliminate manual tasks and create a more efficient support operation

Improve customer experience with faster, more effective support

Ready to Conquer Email Chaos?

Netwoven MailDesk empowers you to take control of your email, streamline your support desk, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Contact us today for a live demo and experience the value of MailDesk.

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