Data Security and Governance: 3 Day Workshop


Netwoven Data Security and Governance workshop will get you started on the path to discover, protect, and govern your sensitive corporate data

Do you have a strategy for protecting and managing sensitive and business-critical data?

Do you know where your business-critical and sensitive data resides and what is being done with it?

Do you have control of this data as it travels inside and outside of your organization?

Are you using multiple solutions to classify, label, and protect this data?

Have you implemented tools to prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data?

Data has become the lifeblood of businesses, but with great power comes great responsibility. Keeping your valuable information secure and compliant while ensuring responsible data usage can feel like wrangling a herd of digital cattle. Enter Microsoft Purview, your trusted data wrangler ready to bring structure and order to your data landscape.

Microsoft Purview is more than just a security blanket; it's a comprehensive suite of solutions that helps you know where your data lives, who has access, and how it's being used. It shines a light into the darkest corners of your entire Microsoft 365 estate, uncovering hidden information and sensitive categories like financial records or customer PII. With automated discovery and classification, data governance becomes effortless, not a manual spreadsheet nightmare. Purview empowers you to set clear policies, define access controls, and track data movement, ensuring your information stays safe and compliant, no matter where it roams.

Stop living in fear of data breaches and compliance headaches. Microsoft Purview offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your entire Microsoft 365 environment is secure, governed, and ready to fuel your business innovation. This assessment workshop will help you learn how to proactively protect your sensitive data wherever it travels.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1

Understanding the evolving data landscape and challenges (45 mins)

Overview of Data Governance (60 mins)

Mapping your information landscape with Data Discovery and Classification (60 mins)

Understanding Data Protection policies and labels (45 mins)

Q&A (30 mins)

Day 2

Understanding Data Protection Prevention (DLP) (60 mins)

Understanding Insider Risk (45 mins)

Understanding Records Retention and Data Lifecycle Management (45 mins)

Assess the customer Microsoft 365 environment (60 mins)

Q&A (30 mins)

Day 3

Roadmap for implementation and adoption of Microsoft Purview (60 mins)

Recommendation and next steps (45 mins)

Q&A (15 mins)

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