Power of 3 and COE 4-Wk Implementation


Build 3 Power Apps and Center of Excellence

Week 1 & 2:
•Design Thinking Workshops: This is an interactive learning exercise that will uncover design opportunities. We will map out your needs and identifies the data touch points that are most important and how they are consumed or collected by specific sets of user.
•User Research: Create a user journey map that outlines how users need to consume data and interact with the system.
•Visual Ideation Workshops: Visual Brainstorming session for specific features such as mood, design suggestions and accessories to explore ideas around the design of these features.
•User Persona Creation: Conduct user research to understand the target audience’s mindsets, motivations, and behaviors. We will analyze research findings to discover patterns in user research data that make it possible to group similar people together into types of users and tie personas to real world Connected Fitness scenarios.
•Journey Map: Compile a series of Connected Fitness user actions into a timeline, then flesh out the timeline with user thoughts and emotions to create an application user case narrative. We will condense and polish the narrative which leads to a Connected Fitness journey visualization.

Week 3 & 4:
•Develop Power Applications Pilots
•Deploy Neudesic Power Platform Center of Excellence
•Executive Presentation with finding

Client Outcomes:

•Discover how a Microsoft Power Platform COE can take ownership of Microsoft Power Platform administration, nurturing, and operations support
•Understand about Admin and Governance tools for Administrators, IT Professionals, Power Users, and Makers
•Evaluate Platform Extensions and how to manage them using Templates and customizations
•Implement the Power Platform COE and recommended Next Steps
•Develop up to 3 Power Applications Pilots into Production

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