Microsoft 365 Migration: 10-Wk Implementation

Neway Technologies

Successfully migrate your Microsoft 365 environment to a managed services model.

The move to an integrated cloud platform brings a host of advantages for your business including increased productivity, intelligence and insights and world-class security. However, making the transition to a new platform, new licensing model and new management structure can be complex and time-consuming for an already over-burdened IT team.

Neway’s Microsoft Cloud Managed Services Migration offering follows a proven methodology to ensure a successful transition to a managed services model. Each phase has its own unique tasks and objectives to meet for the transition process:

Discovery Phase (1-2 Weeks) We outline a set of tasks designed to provide a “base of operations” for the team.

Assessment Phase (1-2 Weeks) Our team takes the knowledge and materials obtained during the discovery phase and organizes them into documentation and processes to be used by the operations staff.

Operational Integration Phase (2-4 Weeks) In this final phase, our team prepares to take over your IT environment. The individuals present in this phase will make up the production or “steady state” team post go live.

“Go Live” Phase (1-2 Weeks) We set the date and time when your environment is officially handed over to Neway as your Managed Service provider. At this point Neway becomes focal point of running your IT environment.

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