Cloud Security Implementation: 3-WK implementation

NeWay Technologies Ltd

Microsoft Defender for Cloud, a tool for security posture management & threat protection will enable our customers to strengthen their security posture for resources running in Azure & Cloud platform.

Neway Technologies (abra) is a cloud-first, full-service Microsoft partner committed to delivering innovative technology solutions. Our key approach is to provide outstanding experiences and dedication to our global customers. We strive to keep our solutions simple, secure, and efficient. We specialize in critical areas of modern work environment including productivity, security, identity management, Threat Protection, mobility, and have an in-depth knowledge of the entire Microsoft product line. Neway Technologies (abra) is an Azure Expert MSP, with 17 Gold and Silver competencies from Microsoft and many additional Advanced Specializations, including Gold Security, Gold Cloud Platform (Azure), Gold Cloud Productivity (Office 365), Gold Enterprise Mobility & Security, and Security Advanced Specialization for Identity and Access Management, and Threat Protection. We offer our customers vast knowledge in project management and the best Cloud experts that will deliver a state-of-the-art implementation of Azure security services. Our offer will start with an initial assessment of your multi-cloud environment, evaluating the different cloud infrastructures in place, understanding their network topology and connectivity including the hybrid deployment. We will continue with access rights and Role Based Access (RBAC) to each cloud and understand any open issues with the current cloud environments. The goal is to evaluate the current cloud posture and build a design which will secure and defend all the cloud resources. The low-level design will include a detailed analysis of the gathered information and will include recommendations related to cloud resources and their placement, what is the best cloud solution for each resource and if required what is the right migration between cloud providers, redesign and reconfigure the RBAC, tighten the security posture and recommend any additional cloud resources like Web Application FW’s, NSG’s etc. We will comply and work according to the Cloud Adoption Framework to comply with the security recommendations and specifically cyber security. Following the design phase and a joined session with our customer we will initiate the configuration phase in which we will implement the solutions to harden the cloud posture and maintain the highest level of security. Defender for Cloud will be the base solution to manage the security of all multi-cloud resources and workloads in the cloud and on-premises, including: • Continuously assessing and monitoring the cloud environment with our cloud architects and security engineers. Identify and track vulnerabilities and improve the security posture online. • Securing and hardening of resources and services including network security, zero trust model in mind and planning or redesigning of landing zones that meet the required security level • Defend by detecting and resolving threats to resources and services, utilizing Defender for Cloud different flavors including, Defender for endpoint to bring the best xdr solution available in market, SQL and DB resources, Containers, Storages, App services etc.

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