Catalyst Envisioning: 1 Week Workshop


A design thinking lead workshop to envision the most impactful digital transformation for your business

Transformation isn't just about implementing technology solutions. It's about understanding all aspects of your business to design new ways of working and thinking that propel your organization into the future.
The Microsoft Catalyst Envisioning Workshop by Cognizant takes businesses through a guided process grounded in design thinking to create more focused, strategic, and optimized business outcomes based on the Microsoft Power Platform, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms. Ideal for organizations in business and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, legal and professional services, we help you create transformational changes that are:

  • Viable from a business standpoint, solving issues at hand in the most optimized way
  • Feasible from a technical perspective, ensuring the solution can be easily built and implemented
  • Desirable from a human vantage point, delivering value - and solutions - your people need

The Power of Design Thinking
Design thinking is an innovative process used to create business outcomes that address multiple facets of a problem, such as context, user perspectives, business objectives, technical considerations and more. This structured approach helps to identify and solve the root cause of a problem, instead of mealy patching it with a superficial solution.
In our five-day Catalyst Envisioning Workshop, we take your stakeholders through the first phase of the Microsoft Catalyst IDEA framework — an envisioning and strategic planning toolkit that draws-upon Microsoft's Power Platform and Dynamics 365 — to help you create a multi-faceted business outcome that empowers a more impactful transformation in your organization:
  • Step 1: Inspire - Imagine what the future state of your business could look like and define your digital transformation journey
  • Step 2: Design - Quantify the value of your business transformation, the case for change, and the technological impact
  • Step 3: Empower - Ensure buy-in across your organization with a visual and tailored immersive experience
  • Step 4: Achieve - Execute your strategy and ensure a smooth launch with an executive-ready proposal and the basis for your transformation success plan

  • This facilitated workshop will include a review of your business objectives, a discovery and visualization discussion for up to 10 people, and workshop summary output providing quantifiable and actionable next steps toward your business goals.
    The estimated offer price and duration is for guidance purposes only. The actual price and duration for the workshop can be customized based on client requirements identified during initial discovery conversations.

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