Workflow Automation: 3 Day Implementation


Power Platform allows stakeholders to quickly build low-code and no code apps to solve business challenges

Business is becoming increasingly complex. Many businesses have manual processing that requires multiple people, systems, and business units in order to complete tasks. Customized business applications can help to enhance productivity and create automated solutions to these problems. Further, 72% of workers believe that creativity fuels success and providing the best applications to your users will drive that innovation forward. Cognizant’s No-Code, Low-Code Business Applications service leverages Microsoft Power Apps to deliver an interactive customer engagement that provides both knowledge and usable outcomes to solve real business problems. We work with your team to solve those problems by building customized applications that integrate with systems, connect to data sources, and can be iteratively built-on to rapidly deliver business value.

Analysis: Cognizant uses a range of tools to effectively identify workflow usage and help you assess your company’s exposure.

Action Plan : Our team can help you rationalize your workflows to ensure you are focusing on refactoring workflows that bring the most value to the business.

Implementation: Our expertise in the Power Platform enables us to develop stable, efficient solutions built using Microsoft best practices

Actual Price and duration is estimated based on the scope of work

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