Teams Rooms 2-weeks implementation


Transform your rooms into inclusive real collaboration spaces with Newtech Teams Rooms, integrate your investments into the hybrid work scenarios with Microsoft Teams and our implementation services.

Our Newtech Teams Rooms solution helps your organization embrace ultimate room technologies with the right strategy. From designing & planning to deployment and maintenance. We combine the best of Microsoft Teams Rooms and the leader market vendors, adding Newtech professional services. We can integrate your rooms devices with Microsoft Teams and all Microsoft 365 applications into your environment. We can help you protect your investment and at the same time modernize your rooms experience. We enable hybrid work scenarios, where people can be at the office or remote, while enjoying the best audio and video quality, using Microsoft Teams as the hub for all your meetings. Adoption for the new installed technologies is also a benefit so users can take advantage of and use them with full competency. Moreover, simplification of maintenance of rooms, group collaboration integrated into the organization's workflow, without silos and broken flows. Continuous utilization analytics & adoption for better future decisions.

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