Power BI Support: 10WK Implementation


NNIT Power BI Support secures your Power BI setup by ensuring stable performance of Power BI processes and solutions, including ongoing optimization and support to IT and end users

Are your users effective in using Power BI solutions? No matter how capable your users are in adopting and using Power BI, they need support! Technical as well as functional issues occur. You might have a desire to continuously improve your Power BI setup as the organization develops, and new Power BI needs arise. Effectiveness and efficiency can be achieved with proper guidelines, advisory and assistance. Ineffective use of Power BI risks hurting your business and investments in Power BI subscriptions, training and solutions.

Support your transformation to a self-service data platform NNIT’s Power BI Support proposes services to continuously gain full benefit out of your implemented Power BI suite. The service is composed of 4 elements dedicated to help your organization succeed. In collaboration with you, we will map out where and how you will benefit the most with deliverables wihtin:

  • Business Life-cycle Management
  • Release Intelligence
  • Support on Demand
  • Continuous Improvement

Price and duration are based on scope of work

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