Next-Gen-Windows Advisory Workshop - 3Wk


Modernize your endpoint with next-gen Windows platform, Demystifying Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 with Windows 11

NTT DATA helps customer to build more resilient, dynamic and intelligent workplace, based on zero trust architecture to address the evolving need of elastic workforce. In modern work you need the modern endpoint to make user productive, create device fluidity and at the same time deliver enterprise grade security. You need a purpose build and flexible platform that is secure by design and can be delivered on choice of device, be it virtual, mobile or traditionally endpoint. NTT DATA next-gen-Windows workshop will help you understand how Windows 11 is a purpose build Operating system for hybrid work. You will understand how you can deliver it via Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and via Windows 365.

High level structure and agenda of the workshop This workshop is a 3 week engagement which is broadly categorized in following three phase

  1. Access - Understand customer existing EUC(end user computing ) landscape and get ready to curate the engagement as per customer environment 2. Art of the possible - Discuss and demonstrate power of next-gen-Windows platform delivered via modern ways. 3. Build the plan - Build a curated plan to transform standard operating environment and align it as per customer requirement

Week1: • Pre-Engagement call • Due Diligence – Prepare and send next-gen-windows workshop questionnaire to understand customer existing operating platform. Week2: • Next-gen-Windows Overview • Azure Windows Desktop (AVD) overview • Windows 365 overview • Microsoft Endpoint Manager Overview Week3: • Windows 11 Enterprise overview and walkthrough of new feature •Managing cloud endpoint using Microsoft Endpoint Manager • Closure and prepare the plan and recommendation

Scope: • Walkthrough of new feature of Windows 11 • Different delivery mechanism of Windows 11 e.g. on AVD, on Windows 365 • Demystifying AVD Vs Windows 365 • Provisioning of cloud PC(Windows 365) for up to 5 user • Management of Cloud PC (Windows 365) via Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Assumption • Clients eligibility for next-gen-windows (License entitlements should be in place as per Microsoft requirements) • On ground support and logistics • Endpoints should meet the hardware requirement for next-gen-windows • Onboarding of NTTD resource with required permission to configure and deploy cloud pc.

NTTD Advantages Leader in digital workplace managed service, for the third consecutive year, the Everest Group named us a Leader in its PEAK Matrix® for Digital Workplace Service Provider 2022 report. Strategic alliance with Microsoft to provide state of the art services, with 20+ year of managed service experience, 16 globally delivery center to provide round the clock support.

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