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Help your rental business grow and surpass the competition!

Time to change the way you manage your equipment rental business. Are you ready for the next steps towards growth but struggling to figure out exactly what that should look like?

Over our 30 years as software experts and partners to equipment rental business owners, we’ve seen how difficult it can be to remain profitable, maintain growth, and keep up with the stiff competition and constant changes in the rental industry. We understand the daily headaches you face in trying to accurately track your equipment status, deal with duplicate data entry in multiple spreadsheets and locations, and the struggle to find the real-time reports and insights you need to keep customers happy.

Let us help! We’re offering you a FREE one-hour consultation with an equipment rental industry expert to discuss how ODT Rentals for Business Central can help your rental business grow and surpass the competition.

Your consultation with us will:

• Help you assess the needs and status of your business system

• Give you insights on the readiness level of your business for a new system

• Explain what type of deployment would best fit to meet your objectives

• Provide answers about what day-to-day business problems the solution can solve for you

• Provide advice and a handy checklist to assist you in your preparation for a new deployment project

• Clarify what the process would look like if you decide to move to a more modern system

Get in touch with us today!

Supported Editions: This offer is available to users of the Essential and/or Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported Countries: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe

Supported Languages: English

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