Ogi Pro Consulting Services - Identity Management: 2-Week Assessment


Keep your data secure and compliant, reduce demands on in-house IT and deliver a simplified experience for users with this identity management assessment for Microsoft 365.


More teams are working remotely and, in the cloud, so it’s vital for companies to maintain secure user identities, ensuring only authorised individuals can access private data.

With Microsoft 365, this can be handled using Entra ID: an identity management and access solution that helps keep data secure and compliant. Setting up Entra ID correctly can take some fine tuning. We’ll help ensure you have the right licenses and enable best practice security policies like Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-On and password management are in place.

Through this engagement our friendly experts will integrate and configure Entra ID to provide professional and secure identity management for your organisation.

Key benefits

• A simplified and frictionless experience for users that embeds baseline security principles into identity management with Entra ID • Authentication and single sign-on for Microsoft 365- and third-party platforms (like social media) • Reduced support requirements and reliable security for in-house service desks • Optimise use of Microsoft 365, maximising the value you get from your investment.

This engagement includes: • Entra ID integration • Establishing policies for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO) and Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), including modern authentication policies. • Setting and enforcing password policies alongside passwordless sign-in and other enabling technologies (such as Windows Hello or biometric sign-in)

Complementary add-ons for this engagement include: • Securing Devices and Applications • Securing Content in SharePoint and OneDrive


This engagement is focused on Identity Management in Microsoft 365. The intention is to keep the scale and complexity of the Engagement to a minimum to quickly provide the defined benefits to the customer and end-users. For larger, more complex organisations the engagement can be run multiple times with a new set of user stories / success criteria. Examples of circumstances where this may be appropriate are: — Complex organisations with many user-types — Implementing advanced Identity Management Features in phases (e.g. MFA for all, followed by complex conditional access policies). — Implementing core features first, and re-running as more advanced licensing becomes available, through e.g. move from Microsoft 365 E3 to E5.


This Engagement is designed based on the following assumptions: — The customer already has a Microsoft 365 Tenant in place — Ogi will be provided with delegated admin access as a Microsoft Partner for at least the duration of the engagement — For Hybrid Identity environments Ogi will work with Customer IT Teams to ensure prerequisites are in place — Any additional licensing required to support the Engagement can be provided by Ogi as a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solutions Partner — Workshops and non-disruptive implementation work will be carried out during standard business hours

Exclusions — Upgrade of on-premise solution software / hardware if required as a prerequisite — Migration of non-Microsoft users onto Microsoft 365 platform — Migration of any other workflows to support the role-out of the Identity Management solution

Ogi are able to assist with many excluded items through other pre-defined engagements such as those covering Microsoft 365 Migration, Device and Application Management and Content Management.

Requirement: Half-Day Cloud Engineer – Additional two hours for optional training (Half-day if remote)

Agenda timeframe: (accelerated - actual depends on customer involvement)

Week 1: Day 1: Envision session and produce outputs Day 2: Produce and Agree Implementation Plan Day 3: Implement initial best-practice / policies. Implement Active Directory Connector / Password write back etc. Days 4/5: Enable Early Adopters and test

Week 2:

End User engagement and wider deployment.

At a glance