Automated Registration Process: 4-Hr Workshop

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This workshops shows how to evolve a manual process -a registration for events- into an automated system.

When handling events, both online and on-site, registration is a key process to each and every event. Marketing teams need to know how successful their campaigns are to get people involved in events, logistics must ensure that every person that comes to the event is well attended and much more internal data gets gathered revolving who wants to attend the event.

Oftentimes, the registration process is completely manual. The organization sends an invite, to which attendees reply via email to a specific person in charge of sending them all the information needed such as times, links, special instructions and more. This manual process takes time of one or more people, making each event that much more expensive.

In this workshop, we will learn how to leverage on Microsoft 365 services such as Power Automate, Excel Online and Microsoft Teams. We will have a quick overview of each service and then a practical demo for the creation of the automatic process. At the end of the workshop, customers will have a working base for an automatic registration process for any event they plan.

Process: -Form for registration -Automatic process that: 1. Sends automatic email with .ics files 2. Updates Excel Online file that documents all responses to the registration form. This Excel file is stored in a Teams Channel in order to have all interested parties updated in real time. 3. If needed, an email is sent to the organizer as a confirmation of each registration.


  • Microsoft 365 Overview
  • Power Platform Overview
  • Live Demo: automatic registration process. Customer will create the automatic process and will be able to take it with him at the end of the workshop

Pricing: USD $350 for a 4-hour workshop, for up to 10 people at a time.

Deliverable: Automatic process running properly for 1 event. Customers will learn how to modify this process for future events.

Modality: Online live event with one specialized consultant on the matter.

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