Managed Threat Detection [xdr] for Microsoft 365 Defender

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Implementation of Microsoft 365 Defender for optimizing threat detection via the service Orange Cyberdefense Managed Threat Detection [xdr] for Microsoft 365 Defender

An all-in-one service providing security incident management, remote response, threat hunting, custom rules and threat intelligence across all Microsoft 365 Defender modules.
Cyberdefense offers a Managed Detection and Response service based on the XDR [extended detection and response] stack of Microsoft 365 Defender feeding into our Core Fusion platform, used to enhance, enrich and manage the alerts across our MDR services.

This will allow businesses to capitalize on Microsoft 365 Defender, leveraging Orange Cyberdefense experience and scale drastically by monitoring thousands of clients and identities, and their usage of Office365 and other cloud applications.

Service Overview Managed Threat Detection [xdr] is a subscription-based service that provides businesses using Microsoft 365 Defender with a 24x7 capability to handle incidents, enrich them with threat intelligence and human analysis, and to take response actions where needed.

High value services like threat hunting, threat intelligence and custom detection rules are also included. They provide a coverage of advanced threats like ransomware and APTs while continuously improving the service to keep up with the fast pace of evolving threats.

What value does Orange Cyberdefense bring with Microsoft?

  • More than 130 Microsoft certified experts and over 2,700 cybersecurity professionals
  • More than 8,500 customers worldwide
  • Member of Microsoft Intelligence Security Association (MISA)
  • Representative vendor in the Gartner Market Guides for MDR, Threat Intelligence and Managed Security Services
  • Accredited Microsoft solution partner security
  • An entire ecosystem of managed services to anticipate, identify, protect, detect and respond to cyber security threats

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