Microsoft Entra Verified ID and Credivera: 3-day Planning Workshop

Oxford Computer Group LLC

This Planning Workshop is designed to help you get started with a verifiable credentials solution using Credivera and Microsoft Entra Verified ID.

Verifiable credentials can help you securely and efficiently onboard seasonal employees with certification requirements. They can help you stay compliant with real-time workforce verifications. They could also help enable citizens to securely access government services. These are just a few of the applications and possibilities for verifiable credentials.

Credivera’s workforce digital identity platform helps commercial and enterprise customers in highly regulated industries who want to reduce the time, cost, and risk of maintaining compliance by issuing, verifying, and managing portable credentials for their direct workforce and partner network.

With their cloud-based platform, you can digitally source verified credentials directly from training and certifying organizations so employers and workers are confident that their certifications are current anytime, anywhere. Along with Microsoft Entra Verified ID, Credivera uses the security of private blockchain to display the status of credentials across a variety of locations. Credivera has integration capabilities with HR, safety, and operational systems to aggregate data into one single source of truth.

OCG offers a comprehensive consulting suite for IT services and deployment planning tailored specifically for verifiable credentials leveraging the Credivera Exchange. With our in-depth knowledge and experience in identity management and data security, we offer a range of services to help organizations implement verifiable credential systems seamlessly.

Our consulting services encompass strategic planning, system design, platform integration, and ongoing support to ensure the successful adoption and utilization of verifiable credentials. By partnering with us, organizations can enhance their security, streamline their verification processes, and establish a trusted and efficient credentialing ecosystem.

Each workshop is customized to each customer’s requirements and business goals, but a 3-day Planning Workshop might include:

Day 1: Pre-onboarding

  • Verification of customer’s business use case for verifiable credentials
  • A kick-off meeting with customer stakeholders
  • Deliver and review templates for ORG setup and user creation
  • Create and deliver RACI project outline based on kick-off meeting
Day 2: ORG Creation
  • Review and clean templates
  • Create ORG using supplied info
  • Review configuration and sign-off
Day 3 Training, Q&A, and Go-Live
  • System training on specific modules for Admins
  • User training for Wallets – self-service, self-uploaded
  • Access to Credivera Support and the online Knowledge base directly from the User Interface
  • Discussion on Entra Verified ID and B2C/B2B credentials
  • Organization change management discussions

Note: All required licenses to be acquired separately.

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