Power BI Premium for Financial Services: 1-Hr Briefing

PBI Lab Inc

An overview of how Power BI Premium can help your organization address the challenges of large enterprise deployments and workloads without needing to license each user individually .

We will provide you with a free, 1-hour briefing on how you can derive tremendous value from Power BI Premium.

Modernize financial services with intelligent insights

Digital transformation is changing the financial sector. Customers expect fast, user-friendly service; AI and chat bots are everywhere; and robust data analytics are a must to stay ahead of the markets. The right solution can meet these rising demands and unlock further growth. Reduce risk, delight customers, and protect yourself against financial crime through data analytics.

How Power BI can help overcome challenges.

Manage risk across the enterprise

  • Protect clients from risk with intelligent insights
  • Identify and secure sensitive organizational data
  • Strengthen advanced risk modeling with analytics

Combat financial crime

  • Monitor and analyze account activity in real-time
  • Uncover criminal activity with payment analytics
  • Quickly respond to anomalies and criminal patterns

Deliver differentiated customer experiences

  • Personalize experiences with predictive analytics
  • Drive insights with a 360-degree customer view
  • Make meaningful recommendations in real-time

Modernize payments and core banking

  • Challenge non-traditional competitors with insights
  • Unlock new revenue streams using AI analytics
  • Discover new opportunities by analyzing payment data

Empower employees through teamwork

  • Increase productivity and accelerate proposals
  • Empower remote work with greater connectivity
  • Reduce silos for improved employee collaboration

Power BI Premium Features

Power BI Premium supports larger data volumes (you can publish datasets up to 10GB) and supports greater performance (refresh data up to 48x per day). With Power BI Premium you can share your content with individuals outside of your organization to view all Power BI content including paginated and interactive reports.

There are several reasons why customers want, and even need, a Power BI Premium solution:

  1. Per user and per capacity licensing options so organizations can choose the best package for their needs and automatically add capacity when needed (per capacity only)
  2. The ability to scale beyond resource capacity with auto scale and pay-as-you-go pricing without experiencing drops in performance
  3. Enables individuals to author, engage in advanced self-service BI and take advantage of all capabilities of premium without unlimited distribution
  4. Huge dataset storage and no user quota: 100 TB of storage for each capacity provisioned
  5. Higher dataset refresh rates: query performance of your reports and dashboards is protected from activity of other users in power bi service
  6. Noisy neighbors isolation: 48 per day
  7. Supports cloud architecture and on-premises. Get dedicated capacity nodes in cloud and Power BI Report Server (PBIRS) to be used On-Premises


We will discuss and understand your current business insight goals in an open and collaborative conversation that will cover:

  • Review of current BI state: you will quickly describe us the current state, where you want to go and constraints
  • Business questions that compel you and the lack of answers you get from your current BI setup


  • Business/IT decision makers
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Managers

Meeting Deliverables

During this briefing we will:

  • Explore Power BI Premium benefits
  • Compare reporting options: SSRS, Power BI Premium, Power BI Embedded and Hybrid scenarios
  • Power BI Premium licensing and capacity options
  • Assess if licensed Microsoft technologies are available and evaluate the best Power BI Premium implementation approach

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