Frontline Worker Pilot Roll Out


8-12 Weeks Pilot Program will enable frontline workers and extended workforce of organization to understand how Teams platform can be used to enhance their Productivity.

The proposed 8 - 12 Weeks Pilot Program will enable organization to add real value by trailing Microsoft Frontline Pilot in their Own Microsoft 365 tenant. Over the course of 8 Weeks, PC Solutions will enable with an accelerated hands-on experience to the their Frontline workers. The overall Pilot drive will help the organization to enhance its employee experience and operational Productivity.

Here PC Solution will help the organization bridge the aperture using the proven collaborative platform TEAMS. Phase 1 - PLAN

  • In this phase, we help organizations by understanding their business use cases and pain points and bridge them by automating their day-to-day Operations.
  • A formal Pre - Engagement session will be initiated with all the relevant stakeholders and will be termed as Kick Off.
  • This will ensure alignment and introduction of org business objectives mapped to Frontline workers.
  • Initiation of the Discovery Workshop followed by Pilot Deliverables to be discussed and output to be documented as the Scope Deliverables of Pilot.

Phase 2 - ENABLE

  • Turn on a Microsoft front line Trial in your production tenant and enable select users with the Microsoft team app in Teams.
  • Get Microsoft Teams App-setting and management guidance, including training on best practices, and support for frontline workers in Teams.
  • Regular status meetings to discuss Pilot progress or challenges.

Phase 3 - GROW

  • Summarize key learnings, results and feedback received/observed from users, who participated in the Pilot.
  • Build a plan and define next steps to improve employee experience with Microsoft Frontline

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