ADFS to Microsoft Entra ID Migration: 4-Wk Implementation


Undertake a seamless ADFS to Microsoft Entra ID app migration, improving security, offering up new features, and getting your organisation back on track.

Many organisations who are currently using ADFS are looking to utilise the enhanced functionality of Microsoft Entra ID and its myriad of advanced threat protection features – but they don’t know where to start.

Despite its popularity, organisations using ADFS face a higher risk of vulnerabilities than their peers and competitors – many of whom are benefitting from Password Hash Sync, incorporated with Pass-through authentication where nforcement of on-premises AD policies apply. It’s possible, however, to undertake a seamless migration, improving security, offering up new features, and getting organisations back on track. With Microsoft Entra ID’s enhanced functionality, new possibilities also open up for organisations.

Over a typical 4-week elapsed timeframe, our ADFS to Microsoft Entra ID Migration service will give you a controlled, seamless and secure transition to Azure AD delivering:

  • Agreed staged migration plan
  • Current environment analysis
  • Staged migration with reviews and acceptance testing
  • Decommisioning of ADFS
  • Documentation and any agreed next steps

This migration service will allow you to extend your use of Microsoft 365, realising greater value and benefit from the investment made, while also removing legacy toolsets and costs associated with managing these.

This migration service is typically run over four weeks, and doesn't require any in-house expertise as we deliver this for you using highly skilled and experienced technical consultants.

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