Hybrid Meetings: 2-day workshop


This is a two-day remote workshop to improve the meeting room experience and how to leverage voice and video solutions, showcase modern immersive experiences, use-case design, and deep-dive planning.

Day 1

Assessment a. Identify key business decision maker stakeholders. - 30 mins b. Gather information about Customer environment. - 60 mins c. Research Customer challenges and opportunities. - 60 mins d. Prepare for deep-dive planning workshop module. - 30 mins 2. Art of the Possible a. Showcase Microsoft Teams meetings capabilities and uncover business use cases and priorities. - 30 mins b. Modern meetings vision. - 30 mins c. Microsoft Teams Rooms and devices vision. - 30 mins i. Showcase Poly solution options with Microsoft Teams as your meetings and rooms solution. - 30 mins d. Immersive experience across: - 60 mins i. Meeting at your desk (PC). ii. Meeting on the go (mobile). iii. Meeting in the conference room. iv. Broadcast live events.

Day 2

  1. Meetings Planning Workshop a. Build the plan to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams meetings and meeting rooms within your organization. - 60 mins b. Discover meeting use cases. - 30 mins c. Discuss devices and meeting room strategy. - 60 mins d. Determine environment, site and network preparedness. - 60 mins e. Develop deployment and adoption framework. - 60 mins

Workshop outcome: – Align to Microsoft Teams Meetings and Rooms Vision. – Deliver a hands-on experience for Microsoft Teams Meetings. – Determine use case and scenarios for Microsoft Team Meetings. – Determine environment, site and network preparedness. – Develop deployment and adoption framework for Microsoft Teams Meetings and Rooms.

At a glance