Healthcare Viva Listening - 3 day Workshop

Point B

Discover how Microsoft Viva, will enable your managers to listen granularly, experiment, and measure immediate impacts to design a work effectiveness during each cycle of their business calendar.

Enterprise Healthcare Listening with PointB

Health insurance providers, in the business of making quality and cost-effective health care available to their members and equipping them with the resources to make their best health care decisions undergo dramatic workload overdrive waves throughout the calendar year, impacting product development and customer services representative acutely.

The cyclic nature of many industries creates a recognized impact for certain employee groups across the enterprise. Product development organizations inevitably experience overburdened seasons associated with release cycles, and service representatives experience the same during launch and onboarding. While we are familiar with the symptoms of increased burnout, decreased well-being, and diminishing social capital, there is an urgent need to understand the experience more granularly and in a timely manner so that we can reimagine and redesign the employee experience digitally.

Point B is extremely familiar with employee experience impacts during these seasons: business demands exceed available resource capacity, constraints force negotiation and prioritization, depleted employee well-being paired with increased burnout, and eroded social capital. The need to understand the experience more granularly and in a timely manner is paramount so we can manage through these periods and reimagine better employee experiences for future seasonality based on data.

Historically we’ve used employee surveys and similar time-bound tools to gain insight into the reality of employee experience but have lacked the insight to guide actionable decisions to create productive change.

Discover Microsoft Viva Insights that help individuals, managers, and leaders gain timely and personalized insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in the organization thrive throughout their annual employee journey.

Microsoft Viva Enterprise Listening Workshop

The workshop provides an in-depth exploration of the high-impact employee experience cycles in the enterprise and how enterprise listening through Viva amplifies experience intel collected today:

  • Understand the impact of work patterns on productivity and wellbeing
  • Provide privacy-protected insights and actionable recommendations
  • Address complex challenges with advanced tools and capabilities

Day 1: Assess

  • Gather information on key business scenarios and customer’s employee experience maturity
  • Define scope
  • Identify business stakeholders
  • Introduce Microsoft Viva            

Day 2: Art of the Possible

  • Microsoft Viva overview with selected pathways
  • Showcase employee experience transformation and dive deep into each module
  • Demos and immersive experiences        

Day 3: Build the Plan

  • Prioritize your top employee experience use cases and scenarios
  • Build a plan and define the next steps to improve employee experience with Microsoft Viva
  • Adoption and Change Management Approach

Point B advises clients on establishing sound business fundamentals enabled with technology to create maximum impact. We focus on the business value you want to create, so we can build the right technology platform for your goals. And we understand technology delivers this value, not at go-live, but when your workforce incorporates the tools into the way work gets done.

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