Power BI Consulting : 2-Wk Assessment

Power Centre Pvt Limited

Our Power BI consulting offer is aimed at significantly enhancing customers ability to visualize data, derive maximum value ,make informed decisions and streamline their business process.

Our offer entails the following

  1. Kick off meeting - An initial meeting with the customer to understand their existing organizational structure

  2. Requirement gathering -

    a) understand the existing business processes b) identify KPIs that must be tracked c) identify and document data sources like databases,spreadsheets or any other system d) understand any data transformation or cleansing requirements e) understand user roles and access levels

  3. Analyse the requirements gathered -

a)identify areas where Power BI can help visualize and speed up the decision making process

  1. Create a high level document on the various reports/dashboards that can be developed.

At a glance