Microsoft 365 Security Review: 3-Wk Assessment

ProArch Technologies, Inc.

Identifies security weaknesses in the Microsoft cloud environment and delivers a specific plan for reducing risk

As your cloud footprint grows, taking action to secure the Microsoft 365 environment is crucial. Everyday hackers are getting more sophisticated and looking for their next target. To prevent downtime and data loss, additional security settings, configurations, and add-ons need to be applied in the Microsoft 365 tenant.

ProArch’s Microsoft 365 Security Review analyzes the current state of the Microsoft 365 environment and identifies gaps against the security controls required to protect critical information and assets.

The Microsoft 365 environment is evaluated against 29 security controls that are a combination of ProArch’s do-first controls, Microsoft Secure Score, and industry-standard best practices. The security controls are broken down by risk impact level, from most to least critical. This engagement provides a clear picture of the Microsoft 365 cloud environment security posture and delivers a final report for reducing risk.

Microsoft 365 Security Review benefits:

  • Analysis of Microsoft 365 environment by security experts
  • An understanding of current security gaps and weaknesses
  • A clear roadmap for remediation
  • Improved security across the Microsoft environment
  • The Final 10+ page final report provides:

      A breakdown of where the Microsoft 365 environment stands against security controls required to improve protection against malicious actors
    • Risk Impact Level: Security Consultants prioritize the recommended security controls based on level of risk.

      Levels range from Critical impact, level 1, being the greatest impact on security and requiring the most effort to implement to Low impact, level 4, being the least impactful on security with less effort to implement.
    • Findings: Includes unique details for each control that will assist with remediation.
    • Current Status: Documents if the control has been implemented yet or not

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