Power BI For Project Online: 2-Hr Briefing

Program Framework

Learn about the basic concepts of Microsoft Power BI and how it adds huge benefit to your Project Online implementation.

Project offices typically need the power to develop their own project, portfolio and resourcing reports, so they don't rely on IT resources or 3rd parties to do it for them. There is often great demand for ad hoc reports or report variations for different stakeholders that need to be delivered quickly.

Power BI is a fantastic tool to implement this capability, yet it may be entirely new to your team and you need to figure out the basics quickly. This free briefing will help you understand the business value and architectural concepts, so you can plan for your own deployment.

It is of particular value to new Project Online users as we will not just discuss generic Power BI - we will also reference the specifics of using it in the Project Online context and introduce the rich Power BI report templates available for Project Online.


This workshop will cover:

  • Concept of Power BI
  • Power BI desktop vs Power BI cloud service
  • How Power BI connects to Project Online data sources
  • Power BI reports vs dashboards
  • Building a simple report and publishing it
  • Introducing the Microsoft standard Power BI Content Pack for Project Online

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