Power PPM Hackathon: 3-Days Pilot Implementation

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Project Portfolio Management Workshop and Pilot

A Power PPM hackathon is a design sprint-like event in just three days, where capable Projectum Consultants design a first-wave PPM solution together with you as a client. This consulting offer implies that we ‘go right at it’, together with the PMO or selected stakeholders, and essentially design and configure a working pilot – where you can see the cornerstone of the PPM Solution you envisioned, but also represents a pilot you can continue working in and expand after. You will meet a Solution Lead and PPM Consultant from our side, and you should involve the PMO and domain experts – preferably limited stakeholders, with clear mandates. The goal of a hackathon is to create a functioning PPM Pilot Solution by the end of the event. In other words, the hackathon has the specific focus of sketching the PPM Solution of your dreams.

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