Mailbox Guardian - Security: 2 Week Implementation


Cybersecurity review and lockdown of Microsoft 365 environment.
Monitor and provide implementation recommendations Protect against phishing and other attacks Review desired state configuration

Reduce your chance of being a victim of cybercrime through Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Security Hardening! 8 - 11 days plus monthly managed services, Orgs w/ Office 365 Exchange Online

-Get your secure score by running an assessment of your Office 365 and Exchange Online environment and a discovery session. -Deploy Security Measures like MFA and Exchange Online Protection policies to reduce your chance of being breached. -Receive Communication Plans for your end-users to help them understand the changes that are happening and what they can expect.

Benefits -Lock Down Corporate Data: Harden & lock down access to your corporate data by improving password hygiene. -Prioritize Improvement Actions: Better understand what hackers are targeting and what you need to prioritize to make your organization more secure. -Enterprise-Grade Security: Have the right tools in place to better protect your organization against modern-day threats; spoofing, phishing, malware, ransomware, and email data exfiltration.

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