It’s Time to Take Advantage of the Power Platform: 2-hour Assessment

DLN Consultoria e Informatica Ltda

In 2 hours, we will take a deep dive to better understand your business challenges and propose the best strategies to meet those needs and reap the advantages provided by the Power Platform.

Power Squads offers this assessment that aims to understand your needs to propose the best strategy related to utilizing the Power Platform. You might have been stuck developing a Power Apps app and now you need experts to take your app to the next level. Or you have a fabulous app idea but don't have the team to develop it. Or maybe you are sitting on underutilized data that can help you make better decisions? In all scenarios, Power Squads can help you.

This assessment has a maximum duration of 2 hours so that we can understand your needs in detail and propose alternatives. The outcome of the assessment will be a feasibility assessment of the application you want to create or improve, and a document listing the rules and assumptions for developing your application and different contracting model alternatives to choose from.

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