Digital Transformation: 1-Day Workshop

Pylades B.V.

A successful digital strategy for your association in a one day (on-site) workshop

This workshop guides associations and member organizations in taking the first steps towards a successful Digital Transformation strategy, in just one day. After completing this workshop you will have insights in- and understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you achieve your Digital Transformation ambitions.

In this workshop, we review your member-value strategies, using specific maturity model for associations. This maturity model is based on, among other things, the value strategy model of Treacy and Wiersema.

What is the current state of affairs within the association when it comes to areas as member participation and involvement? How effective is the cooperation and communication within various members and/or other stakeholders? How smart is your association currently set up? We answer questions concerning the actual status, what your objectives are and what priorities you may have in different areas. We give (visual) insights in the delta between reality and objectives, per value strategy.

Based on the priorities you set, we together determine the scope of the improvement project for your association. For direct burden of proof, we then demonstrate how you can achieve your objectives with the Vertical Suite for Associations for Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Hands-on advice on how to achieve Digital Transformation goals, inspiration about the possibilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and an understanding of what steps to take next to start an implementation project including a plan consisting of a clear scope, budget, and project planning.

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