Dynamics 365: 2-week Assessment


Simplify the process of migrating to Dynamics 365 or optimizing your current environment with Quisitive’s Dynamics 365 Assessment.

Customer behaviors are changing faster than ever before. Today’s businesses are challenged to leverage technologies that provide greater insights into their customer’s buying experience to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. Microsoft Dynamics 365, an all-in-one business management solution, can help you empower your sellers, deliver seamless customer service, improve field services operations and case management, unify marketing and sales efforts, and much more.

Quisitive simplifies the process of migrating to Dynamics 365 or optimizing your current environment. Quisitive’s Dynamics 365 Assessment is intended to provide a roadmap to ensure that your Dynamics 365 environment is healthy and productive for your business and its end users. Quisitive makes sure your efforts are yielding results and the ROI of your investment in Dynamics 365 leads to profitability.

WEEK 1: Assess & Envision

Assess and analyze your environment. Discover business opportunities and determine a path to a healthy, optimized, and secure Dynamics 365 environment.

User Assessment:

  • Conduct interviews to assess your environment and determine end-user personas

Business Assessment Workshop:

  • Take a deep dive into your business needs and co-ideate on your biggest opportunities
  • Prioritize those outcomes worth pursuing and deliver plan on how to support your Dynamics journey

Dynamics Environment Review:

  • Analyze existing architecture and environment
  • Analyze current solutions, code and plugins
  • Analyze capacity, entity usage, API usage, plugin failures and system job failures, performance thresholds, and Audit Log

Security Analysis and Workshop:

  • Analyze Dynamics security and compliance
  • Review findings and discuss best practices

WEEK 2: Develop & Plan

Discover areas that need optimization and make recommendations on how to improve DevOps. Present results plus a roadmap to optimize the environment and help team with user adoption.

Development Operations Enablement:

  • Analyze current solution and customization
  • Identify solution deployment paths in DevOps workshop
  • Configure build/release pipelines (up to 3 solutions)

Licensing Workshop:

  • Review existing licensing
  • Give licensing recommendations to get most value

Findings & Next Steps:

  • Solution brief: review workshop findings and personas
  • Executive Summary: present environment issues, recommendations on how to improve Dynamics 365 health and ensure successful user adoption

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