QuoStar Modern Workplace Roadmap: 5-Day workshop

QuoStar Solutions Limited

Tailored for customers looking to leverage the benefits of the Microsoft Modern Workplace, QuoStar's 5-day workshop will identify applications and develop a roadmap to take your busniess there.

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace offers unparalleled freedom, scalability, and control, all while providing potential cost savings. But how can you ensure a seamless migration without any risks? Let our team of Microsoft Certified experts help define a solution that is effective, secure, and tailored to your specific needs.

Tailored for customers considering a business migration, or looking to leverage the benefits of the Microsoft Modern Workplace, in our 5-day workshop, our Modern Workplace consultant will conduct a comprehensive analysis of all business areas and services, identify the best Microsoft Workplace services to suit you, and create a customised plan to meet your unique business needs.

QuoStar will:

Schedule a Project Initiation meeting with a Modern Workplace Consultant to understand your goals and confirm requirements Assess app readiness for Azure migration or vendor SaaS Review Azure roles and workload consolidation Identify performance bottlenecks and workflow inefficiencies Evaluate Microsoft licenses and consider alternative licencing where appropriate Assess collaboration needs within Microsoft Teams

Our team will present you with a clear and bespoke report aligned to your business goals, complete with actionable recommendations, and then conduct a post-audit review meeting with an aligned QuoStar consultant to gain further clarity on the report’s details.

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