Manufacturing: 3-Day Roadmap Workshop

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3-day workshop using the Microsoft Catalyst methodology to build your manufacturing roadmap

Microsoft Catalyst Roadmap

Manufacturing is rapidly changing as technology and business conditions have evolved. Artificial intelligence and mixed reality, connected factory with IoT, predictive maintenance, and real-time production planning have become increasingly important. The Microsoft Catalyst workshop methodology helps organizations create a roadmap to implement high return, high value manufacturing initiatives.

Microsoft Catalyst is a proven and powerful methodology to value identification. As part of a Catalyst engagement, meet with our team of production specialists, integration engineers, and analytics consultants for a roadmap workshop. The scope of the engagement starts with a review of your business objectives, followed by mutual discovery and visualization of solutions, ending with a clear, actionable blueprint of how you can reach your business goals.

This workshop may be eligible for Microsoft funding up to 100% of the value of the offer.

Agenda for 3-day Roadmap Workshop:

Day 1
  • Interviews to understand current state, identify business challenges, opportunities for improvement, and observe end users to understand the user experience
Day 2
  • Workshop with key business stakeholders synthesize on high-level vision, prioritize business opportunities and initiatives, and create high-value transformation scenarios
Day 3
  • Delivery and review of Manufacturing Roadmap, including prioritization of manufacturing initiatives and execution plan for next steps – be it a Catalyst Pilot for tailored transformation or a Rapid365 Implementation for a fast, prescribed best practices deployment.


  • Roadmap to digital transformation in manufacturing, including blueprints to establish next steps for ongoing success

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