3 Week Digital Transformation Assessment

RedCloud Consulting LLC

Receive a comprehensive summary of our findings and actionable recommendations on how your organization can use Microsoft technologies and operational best practices to innovate for long-term success.

Accelerate your organization's digital transformation journey with our 3-Week Digital Transformation Assessment.

Gain valuable insights, actionable recommendations, and a tailored roadmap to implement Microsoft technologies and operational best practices effectively.

Our expert consultants will closely collaborate with you to gather and analyze relevant data, identifying opportunities for growth and innovation. We'll explore the power of industry-leading solutions like Microsoft 365, the Power Platform , Azure, and Dynamics 365, to drive your organization forward.

Key Features:

  • Fast, objective, and informed perspective on implementing Microsoft technologies
  • Comprehensive assessment of your current state and identification of improvement areas
  • Tailored roadmap with actionable recommendations for successful digital transformation
  • Expert guidance on leveraging Microsoft 365, the Power Platform, Azure, and Dynamics 365


  • Assessment scope & activities document
  • Current state findings & analysis
  • Future state summary with recommendations, insights, and roadmap
  • Supporting data and detailed rationale in an appendix

Unlock the full potential of your organization through digital transformation. Contact us today to start your 3-Week Digital Transformation Assessment and pave the way for growth, efficiency, and innovation.

Pricing and duration may vary based on the scope of the engagement.

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